Connect with NITI.
Know with NITI.


NITI is a community app for foreign residents.

NITI lets you connect with a variety of people.
NITI also lets you learn a variety of information.

The app strives to create a community where users connect and talk with each other to improve their lives in Japan.

A place to connect with friends who share your concerns.
A place to solve problems in Japan.
How you use the app is up to you.

Why wait? Connect with NITI.

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Connect with NITI.

Equipped with
community features

Equipped with community features
Here's what you can do!

Chat feature

Connect with people who have the same interests. Or, connect with people in the same line of work to have discussions and get hints on improving your career.

Timeline feature

Use to interact by sharing your daily life, or when you have a question for many people.

You can also have
conversations in chat rooms
with content that interests you.
Or, you can ask everyone
questions when you have a problem.
How you use the app is up to you.

Know with NITI.

There are descriptions with
lots of useful information
for living in Japan.

Here's what you can do!!

Necessary information for your life

With NITI, you'll gain knowledge you need for your life, about things like the procedure to get a visa, real estate information, the job-hunting process, and Japanese culture!

Provides event information

With NITI, you'll learn information about things like various community events, culture, and festivals!

Company services for foreign residents

Thanks to NITI's cooperation with businesses providing services to foreigners, you'll know about necessary services for foreigners, including real estate, furniture, and appliance rentals!

Information about Japan is
updated as required.
Select the information
that applies to you.
How you use the app is
up to you.
What sets NITI apart
  • No language limits

    Users can post on NITI in any language.
    Because we want all kinds of people to use NITI,
    there are purposely no language settings.

  • Managed by Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

    NITI is managed by Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., a company based in Fukuoka Prefecture that operates railroads and transit buses.

The developer's hopes
Seokyeong Jeong

My name is Jeong, and I planned the NITI service because I did not want anyone to experience the difficulties I did when I first started living in Japan. I want us to help one another to have an enjoyable life in Japan. I will make NITI a service equipped with all the features you need!

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Your mentor for living
in Japan is here.
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